Contactless Menu and Ordering

Contactless Menu and Ordering

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Covid-19 has now changed the way which we all do everyday tasks, this is the same for us and we have now moved to an online menu and ordering platform, its designed to give you full control over your ordering of meals and beverages. It available for both dine in and takeaway. Our Covid 19 safe plan includes contract tracing. When you use our online menu it fulfils the government recommendations and our obligations. It helps keep everyone at a safe distance. Its safer as you use your own device. There is no longer a need for you to line up and wait in a queue. You can order safely and from the comfort of your seat at your leisure. You can still make all the changes to you order as you previously did, all the available options for each meals are listed below the meal or drink and you need only to click to simply adjust any meal to your personal preferences. If you need help our friendly staff can assist you with the new process.

Please note at this stage not all menu items are available for online ordering.

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